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Sharing Dover's history constitutes a major part of the Society's mission. Since the late 1990's members have created an on-going series of pamphlets, which we call Historical Insights. Each pamphlet elucidates a specific topic of interest. Many provide information about the Benjamin Caryl House and its residents. We appreciate the support of the Dover Cultural Council in partially funding a number of these publications. Anyone can do history. If you feel passionately about some aspect of Dover's history, please consider writing the next Historical Insight.

Historical Insights: 2
George Caryl's Pet Squirrel

George Caryl's Pet Squirrel. The poem was written by George Caryl and the Insights leaflet was edited by Krister Jones and Priscilla Pitt Jones.

Historical Insights: 7
George Caryl's Pet Squirrel

Doctor George Caryl's Medicines is based on George Caryl's Recipe Book and was edited by Priscilla Pitt Jones.