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The Dover Historical Society Annual Membership Campaign

The Dover Historical Society mission today is the same as when it was founded in 1895: to collect, preserve, and exhibit such artifacts, information and documents as will throw light upon our local history. We depend on donations from the public and grants from corporations and cultural institutions to finance our efforts. To this end, we are now coming to YOU.

Special attention this year will go to the projects outlined above, which will significantly impact our ability to strengthen our education programs in the Dover schools as well as enhance our outreach to the community at large. All of this is in addition to our regular maintenance and programmatic expenses, of course. Please join us as we seek to implement these new and continuing projects which will help us protect, interpret, and especially to share the fascinating history of the community we all love.

Consider adopting or contributing to one of the projects currently on our wish list:

  • Repair the 1777 Fisher Barn. Originally built on Centre Street, the barn was taken apart and moved to the Caryl House Home Lot in 2001-02. As with all old structures, major periodic structural repairs must be done before further damage occurs. Now would be a prudent time to undertake such work.

  • Sawin Museum. Upgrade 1970s electrical wiring and install museum grade lighting to meet modern system demands and better utilize technological advances. Finish outside work on the driveway and parking area. Continue development of the arboretum, labeling plant material, first priority on the list of other projects.

  • Develop Interactive Educational Materials. Interactive exhibits draw families to museums and children learn by doing. Our first activity will promote thinking about priorities by designing and producing a scale model of the original Benjamin Caryl 83 acre farm in a flexible, interactive format so as to illustrate various functions and land use possibilities. Please help us create it.

Please renew your membership today, or join us for the first time, and show that you too believe history plays a vital role in understanding the world today, and that our town history is worth celebrating.

Please click the Donation Button to make a donation of any amount. We will send you a letter of thanks, documenting your contribution for tax purposes.

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